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Consulting & Editorial Services

Resources for writers, articles and links, thoughts on creativity and process, and information about Carole’s workshops on topics writing and publishing. 


Consulting & Editorial Services

Start working right now, from this place, with the feelings you have at the moment.
— Shaun McNiff, Trust the Process: An Artist’s Guide to Letting Go

What I’ve learned on my own writing journey, and by working with writers over the course of many years and many books — is that the creative process asks something new of us every day.

To create over a lifetime we must regularly engage with what transforms and teaches us, and understand what we most resist. When we do, we find many and diverse powers to help — and eventually find that we are not working alone, but in tandem, in concert.

— Carole DeSanti

Consulting and editorial services by arrangement

I work with authors, agents, and publishers on selected fiction, nonfiction, and memoir projects.

  • Manuscript Evaluation: An informed read and opinion on full-length manuscripts and proposals. Revision suggestions, thoughts on where to go
    next, and a sounding board for ideas.

  • Developmental Editing: Focuses and shapes work at the draft, or manuscript-in-progress stage

  • Line Editing: For late-stage work, brings clarity and polish to finished material

  • Coaching: Helps formulate a project, provides feedback mid-way through, and brings book-length work through the final stretch

  • Or a combination, depending on the needs of your project.

    For more information, please be in touch via the Contact page.