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Carole DeSanti is known for publishing high-quality fiction and memoir, and for her interests in women’s issues, health and wellness, creative process.

Editing & Publishing

Throughout her career, Carole DeSanti has championed diversity, original voices, and alternative points of view. She takes these matters seriously, and her measured judgment and experienced eye bring out the best in a writer’s voice. She has given us books that provide an entry point into something new.
— Citation from the Publishing Triangle Leadership Award
Carole is not just a subtle and generous editor (an inspiration and veritable instruction manual for all who do the job) she is a tireless promoter of the books she takes under her wing. Her enthusiasm never wanes and, because of her reputation—people listen when she announces that she’s snagged something special. Carole doesn’t wait for her tastes to be confirmed by outside forces. She stands up and goes after what moves her. She believes in good work, not just “the big book,” that Moby Dick of a title always waiting on the horizon.

For 30 years, Carole has labored in the trenches, doing the tough creative work. She never sold out to the spreadsheets or sought the big executive positions. She stayed with the writers and her dedication never changed. I am one of those who will always be grateful for her professionalism and skill, but also for her kindness. … She is a gentle and effective force. She makes us shine, takes away so much of the fear and anxiety, and settles down nervous nellies who fear they have made a humiliating mess. If Carole says it’s okay, well, you feel like you can go on and work some more or even, well, let the bloody thing be published.
— George Hodgman, bestselling author of "Bettyville, A Memoir"

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