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Carole DeSanti is known for publishing high-quality fiction and memoir, and for her interests in women’s issues, health and wellness, creative process.

Publishing Activities

Throughout her career, Carole DeSanti has championed diversity, original voices, and alternative points of view. She takes these matters seriously, and her measured judgment and experienced eye bring out the best in a writer’s voice. She has given us books that provide an entry point into something new.
— Citation from the Publishing Triangle Leadership Award

I entered publishing in during the pre-Amazon, typewriter-and- carbon-copy era, imagining I’d stay in the business for only a few years to pay the rent and understand how it all worked. Back then I lived on bad coffee, white-out (I was a terrible typist), free postage stamps (from the slush pile), serendipity and the goodwill of friends and colleagues.

I didn’t plan on falling in love with the industry, but that’s what happened — even as I did my time with contracts, cookbooks and contrarian personalities. Publishing transformed, and many of the old channels closed and new ones opened. Manuscripts flashed up on screens and discovery went digital, but I found that my own appetite and respect for story and information, and this curious way of receiving it — the book — had only increased.

Of the many journeys taken with wonderful books and authors, I can offer only a selection — though each, in its own way, contains a universe of possibilities.

— Carole DeSanti, Vice President, Executive Editor at Viking Penguin, a Division of Penguin Random House

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