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Workshops & Speaking

Workshops and speaking topics offered by editor and author Carole DeSanti.

Workshops & Speaking

Carole offers occasional workshops and lectures on creative process, writing and publishing.

Creative Recovery:  Using the Process Journal

First developed at Hedgebrook,  this lab-style workshop focuses on creating an insight tool and feedback system that helps new and experienced writers focus subject matter, move beyond block, and become better readers, editors, and sources of inspiration for their own work. The material is tailored for single or multiple sessions, and for those working in fiction, narrative nonfiction and memoir.

Commitment and the Novel

Staying the course with long-form creative work challenges our capacity for flexible discipline, and to learn to collaborate with ourselves, our material, and others. First offered at the Taos Summer Writers’ Conference, this session offers practical guidance for structure,  building support in the world, and creative renewal. 

“Building in Venice”: Publishing Basics for Writers    

Embarking on finding a home for one’s written work in the world of publishing can lead to dreams come true, or a landscape of fantasy and disappointment.  Publishing is notoriously secretive, peculiar its qualities, dynamic and ever-changing. Few rules apply, vested interests lurk on the backstreets -- and  every so often we hear another story about how it might sink! Yet, magic does happen. Questions about publishing are often about access, privilege, and how to invoke the secret codes of entry.  But an approach must be found that is both  pragmatic and visionary.  Carole’s long experience as editor, writer, mentor and friend to the process, is about creating an approach to writing and publishing that is both.